Literary Illuminations Archive

Thank you to all the Guild members who submitted their work for consideration.

2015 Winners

First Quarter, 2015 – Beside Salmon Creek, by Donna Emerson

2014 Winners

Fourth Quarter, 2014 – Cosmic Journey, by Marianne Lyon
Third Quarter, 2014 – Niche, by Joan Brady
Second Quarter, 2014 – Reality Riff, by Joan Brady
First Quarter, 2014 – Rosary Nights, by Mariam Stephens & On a Mobius Strip of Connection, by Maryann Schacht

2013 Winners

Fourth Quarter, 2013 – Fireflies, by Armando Garcia-D├ívila & There’s a Bridge Out by Leupp, by Margaret Raymond
Third Quarter, 2013 – My First Kiss, by Ed Thompson & My Latest Poem, by Russ Messing
Second Quarter, 2013 – The Team, by Marvin Hiemstra
First Quarter, 2013 – Occupy Sugarloaf – a California State Park, by Jodi Hottel, From a Cambria Room, by Mark Medin, Fresh, by Russ Messing & Blackbird Fly, by Lilith Rogers