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Luminarias Event – Gaye LeBaron on Fountaingrove at SHED

Gaye LeBaron

Healdsburg Literary Guild SHED and Paradise presents Gaye LeBaron talking about her new book, The Wonder Seekers of Fountaingrove, in a farewell SHED/Luminarias presentation, on Thursday, January 24th, 2019, 7 to 8:30 PM.  Admission is $15 and includes a seat, a glass or so of Paradise Ridge wine and some hors d’oeuvres.  Admission is $15, and can be purchased at:

Gaye LeBaron remains not only the preeminent historian of Sonoma County, she ranks as a major factor in shaping the area’s history.  A daily columnist for the Santa Rosa Press Democrat for forty years, she “defined Sonoma County at the rate of 1,000 words a day.”  She retired her daily column some years ago, but still writes a monthly history column.  The archive of her papers provides the stuff for present and future historians at Sonoma State University.  Her popular Sonoma County history course at the Santa Rosa Junior College gave thousands of Sonomans a sense of their place in history.  Her latest book, the Wonder Seekers of Fountaingrove focuses on the twists and turns of Fountaingrove, a cult, a winery, a utopian colony and a saga of both racial acceptance and rascality.  The red round barn that used to stand on the hill a little north of the Mendocino Avenue exit on 101 burned in the Tubbs fire a little over a year ago.  That barn was one of the last remnants of the Fountaingrove winery.  The tale that lies behind that barn stands truly stranger than fiction, involving Kanaye Nagasawa, a Japanese Samuari wine maker, Laurence Oliphant, a Scottish aristocrat newsman and diplomat, and Thomas Lake Harris, an American charismatic leader of a strange cult with wineries and a marketing operation attached.  How these three came to make the Fountaingrove property in Santa Rosa both a major winery and cult center drenched in scandal makes one powerful, eccentric and tragic stories.

Paradise Ridge Winery nails it as the perfect match to be serving their wines to accompany Gaye’s talk.  This Santa Rosa winery shares some history tinged with tragedy.  Sited on former Fountaingrove property, the winery, with its sweeping views of the Santa Rosa Plain, with its Nagasawa museum, and with its sculpture gardens, burned completely in the same Tubbs fire.

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January 20th, 2019 – THIRD SUNDAY SALON

Kami Funk

Kami Marie Funk has been writing since she could hold a pen. The first stuff wasn’t all that great, but what can you expect from someone who writes their letters backwards? That didn’t stop her, though, not in the slightest. For the past five years, she’s written every single day, hardly able to put down the pen for dinner.

She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Sonoma State University in 2015 and aims to get her Master of Arts in English sometime soon, like before the next century, preferably. In between the time she spends writing, she makes a living shelving books in the local library, daydreaming about her book being one of them someday. It’ll happen, her magic 8 ball said so.

Kami has never been traditionally published, but she has had three articles appear in Rosa Roots Magazine and has self-published a novella she’s mostly proud of. For eight years, she has published free short stories on archiveofourown, earning a sizable fanbase and positive reviews. So far, she’s published over thirty short stories, including four series she’s kept up with updating. She currently has an agent looking at her third novel, The Bridge-Jumper’s Guide to the Afterlife, which was recommended by author Douglas Rees.

Kami takes writing almost as seriously as she takes getting caffeinated every morning. All she’s ever wanted to do was write, which was a problem in high school when she tuned out lectures to focus on her stories. She mostly pays attention now, though. Mostly.

Kami lives in Sonoma County with her dog and one goldfish who has had one fin on the rainbow bridge for a while now. Besides writing and thinking about writing, she spends all her money on concerts and band t-shirts. Hey, she’s twenty-five.

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